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Costplan provides cost estimating and project management services to civil and infrastructure sectors throughout Australia. We employ multi-disciplinary experts whose knowledge and experience is paramount in providing a professional service focusing on client relationships, detailed analysis and timely delivery.

Costplan Pty Ltd was founded by Director Tony List in February 2003. We provide cost estimating and project management services for the majority of major infrastructure projects for the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. Over the past 10+ years these have included the $140m Anzac Highway grade separation, the $650m Northern Expressway, the $800m Superway project, $900m South Road Upgrade project as well as the $885m Northern Connector.

Major works outside of DPTI include the review and consolidation of the cost estimates associated with the proposed $40b Olympic Dam expansion for BHP Billiton, independent cost estimator for the NT Governments $4b SIHIP project, the detailed preparation of first principle cost estimates for the $2b Port of Melbourne’s Webb Dock expansion, the preparation of cost estimates for the Brownhill Keswick Creeks Stormwater Project and project management of the civil works on the Wemen Solar Farm

Along with the major projects outlined above, we have provided our expertise on countless minor civil works projects such as road/intersection upgrades, roundabout construction and culvert/storm water installation for a wide range of clients. Our engineers are able to use their skills on a wide range of projects, and have also worked on bridge rehabilitation, marine jetties and cliff erosion projects.

Quality / Work Health & Safety / Environmental Procedures


Costplan Pty Ltd provides project planning, estimating, construction staging, programming, value engineering and project management services to a select number of clients in the infrastructure and civil engineering industry.

Complex & 3D Take off

Costplan is able to provide complete quantity takeoffs from planning & concept sketches to tender & construction level designs. With our 3d takeoff software we are able to quickly and accurately takeoff even the most complex of jobs and generate 3D models & cut/fill grid reports. Our 2D software is not only fast and accurate but also able to produce simple and clear quantity takeoff plans so there is no confusion as to the extent of scope that has been taken off. We not only pride ourselves on the accuracy and speed but also our ability to cater each quantity takeoff to the level and presentation required by the client.

Cost Estimating

Our core business is the provision of cost estimates to all aspects of industry, from contractor to client. Dependant on the projects current phase these can range from budget and benchmarked costs (QS style) all the way through to detailed first principle calculated estimates. We are one of the country’s oldest users of the excellent Pronamics “Expert Estimator” software, along with Planswift and ProContractor. Our key attribute is our ability to provide accurate and robust estimates in very limited time-frames.

Monte Carlo Analysis

Some projects require the statistical modelling of inherent and contingent risk, particular those funded by state and federal governments. Costplan has broad experience in providing Monte Carlo Analysis to produce P50/90 estimates. We utilise Palisades suite of risk management software to model this combined with a great deal of project risk knowledge.


We provide constructability advice by bringing a range of experienced personnel into all project phases from concept development to detailed design. We can bring expertise to the project to identify critical issues before a project goes to tender to reduce or prevent errors and cost overruns.

Project Management

Costplan can provide experienced project managers to plan and deliver civil projects across road, rail, etc through project concept development, project planning, design and construction phases of the project. We can bring project management tools and techniques to assist clients determine project objectives and functional requirements as well as the full range of project management skills to deliver successful projects to time, cost and quality requirements.


We provide expertise in project programming to assist clients in project delivery and to inform cost estimates, constructability and risk management on projects through various project phases. We have significant expertise in Primavera P6 software and other major project management programming software.

Tender & Contract Documentation Review

Costplan will review tender and contract documents to ensure that all documentation is sufficiently detailed and all key issues are adequately dealt with so that problems are not encountered during construction. Many problems can be avoided by having tender and contract documents suitably detailed to provide clarity and certainty for both client and contractor.

Cost Management

Costplan can provide cost management services during project delivery to assist clients manage overall costs, advise on tender prices, contractors and subcontractors costs, and manage and value contract variations as they arise. We can provide cost management tools and reports to advise clients on project and program costs during the life of a project or program.

Contract Management

We can manage contracts through the tender process, including tender evaluation and contract letting stages, and provide contract management services during the life of the contract. This combined with a detailed understanding of contract works enables us to reduce and mitigate risks to the Client. We have experienced personnel to carry out the role of Superintendent on civil contracts.

Project Mentoring

Costplan can advise clients and project managers on project and program issues, including benefits realisation, risk management, procurement and contract forms across all project phases. We can mentor project and program managers on strategic issues to maximise project and program success.


Costplan can provide project partnering services to establish agreed project and contract success criteria and methods to measure and achieve success. Partnering has been used successfully over many years to get key project participants working together to achieve common goals which are best for project.

Value Engineering & Innovative Solutions

By having both considerable field experience and project planning experience enables us to effectively provide innovative solutions and present cost and time savings to projects that reduces project risks to both the contractor and client.

Sustainable Construction

Costplan have developed a detailed greenhouse gas emission’s calculator specifically tailored to the infrastructure industry. This is used in conjunction with the infrastructure sustainability rating tool as developed by ISCA (which our engineers are accredited in its application) for providing sustainability assessment’s to major infrastructure projects.

Variation Review

Through our vast experience in the industry, we are able to accurately review variations to provide feedback to clients. Scope, quantity and program changes can all be reviewed quickly and effectively.

Expert Witness for Construction Claims

Costplan is able to provide experienced professionals to act as an expert witness to determine the liability for damages and can recommend a remedy for the defects. With our wealth of knowledge we are able to produce high quality independent reports of the construction standards in question.




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Did you know...
Between North Terrace and South Terrace, all east-west roads change their names because they cross King William St and no one is allowed to cross the path of a monarch.

Australia's first police force was a band of 12 of the most well behaved Convicts

It has been reported that the first European settlers in Australia drank more alcohol per head of population than any other community in the history of mankind.

Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards, and are on the Australian coat of arms for that reason.

.02 percent of the Australian land mass is used by mines. More land is occupied by pubs.

The word "coffee" comes from the Arabic word for "wine of the bean"

South Australia produces half of Australia’s wine volume

South Australia is the only place worldwide where a milk drink outsells Coca Cola. The drink is Farmers Union Iced Coffee

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital is the third most expensive building in the world

The average person spends 6 months of their lifetime waiting on a red light to turn green

In 2006 someone tried to sell New Zealand on eBay. The price reached $3,000 before eBay shut it down.