Quality / Work Health & Safety / Environmental Procedures

Costplan Pty Ltd recognises that its clients are entitled to expect that all materials and services will conform to their specified requirements and undertakes to manage and conduct its business in a manner that will meet this expectation.

This will be achieved through planning, implementation, monitoring, control and verification of all aspects of the work as defined in this plan and in the applicable contract.

Environmental Policy Statement

Costplan Pty Ltd and its employees are committed to ensuring that its operations and work methods have the minimum effect on the Environment.

Controls are implemented at all levels of the Company and this is achieved not only by ensuring compliance with Environmental Management Systems but also by creating ownership of responsibility by all individuals, through training, monitoring, review and feedback, such that consideration of the Environment is included as a normal part of decision making in the workplace.

Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of Costplan Pty Ltd to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that all employees, subcontractors, suppliers, visitors, clients and their agents and the general public are safe from injury and risks to health. Furthermore Costplan Pty Ltd will provide and maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable a safe working environment and safe systems of work and will provide appropriate information, instruction, training, supervision and management as are reasonably necessary.

To achieve these objectives, Costplan Pty Ltd will establish, implement and maintain appropriate policies, plans and procedures to ensure compliance with all relevant Acts, Regulations, Standards and Codes of practice pertaining to Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare.

Costplan Pty Ltd requires that all employees, subcontractors, suppliers, visitors, clients and their agents comply with established policies, plans and procedures and take all reasonable steps to protect their own health and safety and to avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of any other person whilst at work. In particular to identify and report any observed workplace hazards and to obey all reasonable instructions in respect of health and safety.

Importance in determining the actual and perceived success of the project as to make sure the early estimates are understood otherwise the result in the project could be misrepresented and misunderstood

Major infrastructure projects at certain levels have the tendency to change significant proportions, so therefore it is necessary to ensure that controls are in place on the scope as to avoid over-spend or contingency being spent on scope change which is not necessary.